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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Gilad Shalit- 5 Years in Captivity

Gilad Shalit campaign

The 25th June marks the 5th anniversary of Gilad Shalit’s kidnapping by Hamas in Gaza. 

In the five years that Gilad has been languishing in captivity, he has been denied access to the International Red Cross, a direct contravention of International Humanitarian Law, and aside from being permitted to send one letter, has had no contact with the outside world. 

Unlike many other aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the story of Gilad Shalit is not well-known to the UK public. 

A great new initiative has started to increase awareness through taxis in London where sponsored black cabs that are branded with Gilad Shalit’s story will be the focal point. These cabs will travel around London for a month from the date of his captivity, and we are aiming to have at least 200 in circulation.

You can help us raise awareness by contributing to the publishing costs of this important campaign, and help make a difference for Gilad and his family, please follow the campaign by clicking here.

This link will transfer you to the Pay Pal account of Taxi Media (the company publishing the campaign) and payment should automatically be applied to this campaign. Whilst we are confident that Taxi Media and their Pay Pal link are genuine and have researched it ourselves we cannot be responsible for the link’s content or be liable for any losses. 

Should you wish to review this further, you may read Taxi Media’s General Terms and Conditions of Trading under the following link.

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  1. Thanks for all the support. Have you seen the Gilad taxis on the road yet?