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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A Letter Lennox Herald re "death threats and vile offensive hate messages"‏

To: Lennox Herald


If genuine, the “death threats and vile offensive hate messages” referred to by Councillor Jim Bollan are beneath contempt. Supporters of Israel have no need to resort to insults and threats, given that the marshalling and presentation of documented facts provide sufficient evidence in themselves with which to counter critical comment or action . However, even if some would feel that Councillor Bollen’s conciliatory attitude to the slaughter of the Vogel family involving the decapitation of a three month old child is in itself offensive, this does not call for insulting behaviour or threats.  Councillor Bollen will be able to confirm that at no time in my exchange of e-mails with him did I ever find the need to employ insult..   Before any assumptions are reached, it becomes essential to recall the recent incident where Tom McMaster, a Middle East activist hostile to Israel was exposed for fraudulent misrepresentation on the web. This carries a message that e-mails are also not beyond suspicion of fraudulent misrepresentation..

M. Green

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