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Friday, 3 June 2011

Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs to boycott of Scotch from distillers located in West Dunbartonshire Council in Scotland

FJMC LogoFederation of Jewish Men's Clubs
Rabbi Charles Simon, Executive Director

Dear  FJMC Club Member and Scotch enthusiast,  

I realize that with all of the turmoil and anti-Israel bashing that is taking place that this might appear somewhat trivial but then again, for those of you who drink Scotch at Kiddush it might not. The West Dunbartonshire Council in Scotland has decided to participate in the BDS campaign (Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions) against Israel. The Council is the equivalent of our county level of government here in the United States.

A boycott is like a snowball heading downhill. It begins at the top of a large mountain and gathers momentum until it is transformed into an avalanche.  If we wish to stop it. We need to act as soon as possible.

The Council states that "...Officers (that is employees running the programs and services operated or funded by the council such as policc & fire departments, parks, libraries, etc.) should immediately cease the purchase of any goods we currently source, which were made or grown in Israel. Officers should also ensure we procure no new goods or produce from Israel until this boycott is formally lifted by WDC." It explains in a separate press release that this resolution is not racist because "Only books (or items) that were printed (or produced) in Israel and transported to the UK for distribution would be potentially boycotted." Books by Israeli authors or items that are made by Israelis that are printed or made outside of Israel are permitted.

We are suggesting a boycott of Scotch from distillers located in West Dunbartonshire Council in Scotland at Kiddush, and public and private Simchas. Scotch made or produced elsewhere should be substituted. Please contact the distilleries located in West Dunbartonshire Council and inform them of our new policy and ask them to apply pressure to the Council to end participation in boycotting Israel.

These distillers and their addresses are as follows: (click on their name for their websites)

Morrison Bowmore Distillers Ltd.   Auchentoshan Distillery, Dalmuir, Clydebank, Dunbartonshire G81 4SJ
Distillers of Auchintoshan, Bowmore, Glen Garioch, McClelland's.

Loch Lomond Distillery Co. Ltd  Lomond Industrial Estate, Alexandria, Dunbartonshire G83 0TL
Distillers of Loch Lomond, Scots Earl, Distillery Select, Glen Scotia, Littlemill, Croftengea, Craigslodge, Inchmurrin, Glen Douglas, Inchfad

Chivas Brothers  Kilmalid, Stirling Road, Dumbarton, Lanarkshire, G82 2SS
Distillers of Ballantine's, Chivas, Royal Salute, Clan Campbell, Something Special, Passport, 100 Pipers, Imperial, Long John, Aberlour, The Glenlivet, Glendronach, Strathisla, Longmorn, Scapa, Tormore, Jameson, Paddy, Powers, Walker Special Old, Wisers.

Here is the website for the pro-Israeli blog "Muqata"with more information and a model letter to the above distillers:
We have no organizational connection with this blog.

Here's the website for the West Dunbartonshire Council so that you may contact them directly:

Thank you.

 Rabbi Charles Simon

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