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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Bulgaria Involved in Massive IRA Money Laundering - WikiLeaks

Bulgaria: Bulgaria Involved in Massive IRA Money Laundering - WikiLeaks
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Bulgaria was a part of a massive property empire ran by the Irish IRAorganization, according to leaked diplomatic cables published in WikiLeaks.
The business empire run by the IRA through links between Ireland, Bulgaria and Britain. It amassed multi-million Euro fortunes by investing in portfolios in Dublin, London, Spain and Bulgaria.
Shadowy businessmen were suspected by the Irish police force, Gardai, of opening bank accounts and registering companies in Bulgaria in a bid to create "money-laundering vehicles" for the organization, according to the cable, the Irish Central reveals.
The businessmen, connected with the Provisional movement, were suspected of teaming up with Bulgarian criminal gangs as part of a plan to launder millions on behalf of the IRA.
Gardai were pursuing the Bulgarian links to the IRA, it is also made clear from the cables, which provoked a furious reaction on behalf of the Bulgarian Ambassador to Ireland. She insisted before U.S. Embassy officials there was no evidence of criminal involvement by Bulgarians in the money-laundering case.

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