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Friday, 13 June 2014

British fighter in Syria: It's like Call of Duty

ISIS militants seized the city of Mosul on 10 June

A British fighter with the extremist group called ISIS in Syria and Iraq has compared terrorism to video game "Call of Duty."

Abu Sumayyah Al-Britani left the UK 11 months ago to go and fight what he calls a holy war in the countries.

Speaking from an internet cafe near his terror training camp in Idlib, northwest Syria, Al-Britani said: "It's really really fun".

British spy chiefs are now worried about more British people signing up.

The father-of-three children boasted that life with ISIS, who have taken control of parts of Syria and Iraq, is "better than that game Call of Duty."

A clean-up has begun in Iraq's second city, Mosul, now under control by ISIS

He was speaking to presenters Jonathan Khron and Emma Beals, who host the ISIS show podcast.

Al-Britani admitted "the first time I heard a bomb, I realised then this is scary you know (laughs)"

ISIS is also one of the main groups fighting government forces in Syria, which neighbours Iraq.

"For us to be here it's freedom. Total freedom. I can walk around with a Kalashnikov if I want to."

He hasn't spoken to his children since he left the UK and claims his British citizenship has been taken away from him.

The Home Office would not comment.

ISIS celebrate their victory in the streets of Mosul

"This idea of us wanting to go back and plot terror attacks in our countries is absolute rubbish. We are having a good life here."

Al-Britani has said he has no plans to go back to the UK.

"I felt like I was in prison in that country, you need road tax, you need this, you need that, blah blah, it's just money making schemes."

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