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Friday, 27 June 2014

Spread the word" bring our boys home

Please light a candle for each of our BOYS.

Shabbat Shalom.


 **spread the word**

The mothers of the kidnapped boys were by Harav David Abuhatzeira, he said that if 3,000,000 candles are lit this shabbos there  will be good news regarding the boys. Send this message to at least 20 people and each should light 2 candles.

Candle lighting time in Los Angeles 7:49. Lighting ten minutes earlier has also been called for.


Father of one of the boys:

"In every Jewish home in Israel and around the world, they should light Shabbat candles," Yifrach requested on behalf of the families. "Shabbat is for zachor (remembering) and shamor (guarding). May Hashem remember the kidnapped students and guard them. In the merit of this mitzvah may He save them and bring them back home safe and sound, speedily," Yifrach said.

 The parents requested that when kindling the lights to please have in mind:


Yaakov Naftali Ben Rachel DevorahGilad Michael ben Bat GalimEyal ben Iris Teshura


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