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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Jean-Marie Le Pen Attacked by Jews for Joking About Putting Jew Singer in an Oven

Daily Stormer
June 10, 2014

Jean-Marie Le Pen is the real National Front

Jean-Marie Le Pen is the real National Front

We have heard much talk-talk-talking within nationalist circles about how Front National is weak under the rule of Marine, but her father is still hardcore.  Jean-Marie Le Pen recently joked that a Jew singer who opposes him should be thrown in an oven.

National Post:

In a video clip posted on the French National Front’s website and later removed, Le Pen, 85, lashed out against several of his critics, including the former tennis champion Yannick Noah and the pop star Madonna. When questioned about the French singer Patrick Bruel, who is Jewish and has been critical of the National Front, Le Pen said: “We’ll include him in the next batch.” In the comment, Le Pen used the French word “fournée,” which refers to a batch of bread to be baked, and was interpreted by his critics to be a reference to crematories at Nazi death camps.

Patrick Bruel, the Jew in question

Patrick Bruel, the Jew in question

The disgusting Jews are now calling for him to be stripped of his Parliamentary immunity.

The Guardian:

European Jewish Congress President Dr Moshe Kantor called on the European Union to strip Jean-Marie Le Pen of his parliamentary immunity and for the French authorities to charge him with incitement to racial hatred.

“Le Pen has unmasked the true face of the far-right of Europe days after their electoral successes in the European Parliament,” Kantor said. “While some have tried to whitewash and mainstream these parties, Le Pen’s comments demonstrate that they still stand on foundations of hatred, antisemitism and xenophobia.

“The European Union should fight-back against these far-right and neo-Nazi parties by demonstrating zero tolerance for racial incitement and it can begin by stripping Le Pen of any immunity for prosecution he might hold as an MEP for these comments.

“The far-right and neo-Nazis in Europe are pushing the boundaries further and further and they are destroying our democracy and the future of a tolerant and peaceful Europe that took a long time to build.”

What is weirder is that there appears to be a growing divide between Mr. Le Pen and his daughter Marine.


“I am convinced that the meaning attributed to his words stems from a malicious interpretation,” she said. “Nevertheless, given Jean-Marie Le Pen’s very long experience, not to have anticipated the way those words would be interpreted is a political mistake and the Front National is suffering the consequences.”

An unrepentant Mr Le Pen hit back at his daughter on Monday, saying the “political fault” lay with her stewardship of the party he founded in 1972, and which Miss Le Pen has sought to “detoxify”, purging it of overt racism and xenophobia.

“I consider the political fault is with those who have aligned themselves to ‘la pensée unique’ (‘single thought’ of the conformist political mainstream). They would like to resemble the other political parties. If that’s the stated aim of some FN leaders, they have succeeded,” he told RTL.

Mr Le Pen is clearly irked at the direction the party he led until 2011 is taking, despite the fact it has never been so popular, coming first in last month’s European elections with 25 per cent of the vote – its best ever electoral victory.

He made his displeasure abundantly clear in the same interview, saying his daughter’s far-Right political grouping, le Rassemblement Bleu Marine (Marine Blue Rally) was “a kind of bizarre formation without substance”.

Father and daughter have not seen each other since Mr Le Pen made the controversial remarks. When asked whether they had fallen out, Mr Le Pen said: “Hmmm, no comment.”

What is happening isn’t clear. It could well be that Marine has sold the people out for popularity and good vibes and daddy Le Pen is sickened by this, or it could be that they are playing good cop/bad cop, making it appear as though both the hardcore and the not-so-hardcore are welcome in NF.

They have never appeared to like each other very much.

They have never appeared to like each other very much.

Obviously, we here at the Daily Stormer are much more sympathetic with the positions of the elder Le Pen, but we are also about pragmatics and getting things done. Marine has managed to turn the NF into the biggest party in France. She understands the Jewish problem as well as her father, so it seems likely she is just playing it down for the purposes of gaining popular support, at which point she will switch it up.

What we know for a fact is that the Jews do not like any of these Le Pens, and that is a good sign.

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