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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Board responds to Kedem protests by launching Buycott

The Board of Deputies has launched a ‘buycott’ of Kedem products in response to the vociferous anti Israel demonstrations outside the Manchester store in the past month.  The Board is urging its 300 Deputies and others to support the Israeli company by considering buying from Kedem to offset the negative impact on its trade resulting from the demonstrations. 


Commenting on the launch of the buycott Board President Vivian Wineman - who met Kedem’s owners last week and joined the pro-Israel counter-demonstration on the frontline - said: 


"The cheerfulness of Kedem's supporters and Manchester’s Jewish community in the face of a good deal of unpleasant abuse is inspiring.  The buycott is a very practical way in which we can stand up for Israel at this time.  Our aim is to ensure that those that resort to threats and intimidation to attack Israeli companies will not win."

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