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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Body Of Aharon Sofer Found In Ein Kerem, Jerusalem


aharon sofer

United Hatzalah volunteers have discovered and identified over the last hour findings that are related in Aharon Sofer’s missing, and have therefore subsequently called off the search, Ichud Hatzalah spokesperson announced.

ZAKA and Ichud Hatzalah have confirmed to JP that the corpse discovered in the EinKerem area of Jerusalem has been identified as the body of Aharon Sofer Z”L.

Aharon went missing Friday afternoon in the Jerusalem Forest. A preliminary report on the scene appears to suggest that Aharon passed away from dehydration.

Israel Ehrlich, the United Hatzalah volunteer that found the body, told JP: “After about an hour of walking, we found a body in the bushes.  Through a communication radio, I  alerted our coordinator, who called in Hatzalah’s rescue vehicle to help extract the body along with large forces of police and forensics to examine the body. It is unfortunate that the incident ended in such a devastating tragedy.”
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